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Together we are one!


Solidarity against COVID-19:

Together we are one!

More than just a health crisis, COVID-19 is already having an adverse social and economic impact in the Arab States region, especially among communities in low-income countries and countries facing fragility.

In response, UNDP has launched the “Solidarity against COVID-19: Together we are one!” campaign. This initiative offers a platform to profile and support the inspiring and selfless efforts that people in countries around the region are making to prevent the spread of the virus, show solidarity, and especially cope with the impacts of economic reversals and widespread loss of income.

Learn more about the national initiatives below and follow activities on #TogetherAgainstCOVID19.


The campaign brings together local solutions that are  providing essential health products, creating employment opportunities, and providing people with basic services.

All contributions will go directly to the projects featured. Join us in solidarity against COVID-19, because together we are stronger, together we are one! 

Mask your hero


Only one in four paramedics in Lebanon is using personal protective equipment. This shortage of supply in PPE is putting the lives of the paramedics at risk. Boost the supply to the real heroes.

Unsilence my world

As a consequence of years of conflict, 27 per cent of people in Syria are living with disability. Support Syrian students with disabilities by providing laptops and free internet connectivity.

Tensounash – 33 businesses at risk

UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People

Thousands of people have been forced to shut down their small businesses, which were their only source of livelihood, amidst major economic losses due to COVID-19. Help support the resilience of 33 local Palestinian informal businesses and the 2,500 people they depend on.


Rising Djibouti


Djibouti is facing an unprecedented economic crisis due to COVID-19; informal and small businesses representing more than 70% of all jobs are impacted. UNDP Djibouti will support 200,000 vulnerable persons, 50,000 self-employed and small business owners by providing grants and materials. Your contribution can change their lives.



Empower women in Upper Egypt who are producing masks to fight COVID-19, in partnership with the Egypt Foundation for Integral Development.

Bringing school back to children 


Thousands of girls and boys living in the rural areas of Morocco cannot afford access to digital remote learning. Help us provide tablets and Internet connectivity to vulnerable students to allow them to complete their education during and after COVID-19.


Protect displaced families


For almost one million displaced people living in the camps in Mogadishu, social distancing is impossible. Help us provide locally produced masks, soap and sanitizer to those most at risk.