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Tensounash – 33 businesses at risk

Thousands of small businesses have been forced to shut down their only source of livelihood, amidst major economic losses due to COVID-19. Help support the resilience of 33 local Palestinian informal businesses and the 2,500 people they depend on.


$9,825 / 70,000

Supporters (20)


Project Overview

Decades of occupation, access restrictions and economic constraints have been crippling and most of the time halting economic and social development in the State of Palestine. This has resulted in the increase of poverty, despair and missed opportunities to build a reliable and sustainable future for the Palestinian population, particularly the youth.

For the new generation of young men and women entrepreneurs who are just getting their feet wet in the Palestinian market, COVID-19 has created serious obstacles to their long-term sustainability. Approximately 90% of small businesses are now facing liquidity problems, and 45% of them had to lay off workers. These family owned enterprises are the backbone of the Palestinian economy. They are the women and men working in food, carpentry, agriculture, retail, e-commerce, or even beautiful Palestinian artisan and embroidery. They are our favourite snack shop, the tailor around the corner or a bakery we buy from on our way to work.

The ripple effect of supporting the 33 family owned small businesses through this campaign is immense. You are not only supporting one family per business, you are creating at least 160 jobs, improving livelihoods of around 2,500 people within those families, in addition to giving them the opportunity to become self-reliant, expand their business, employ more people in need, and spend more in the local market. UNDP will work with its partners from the private and public sector, Civil Society Organizations, as well as the media, to reach those businesses across the 11 governorates of the West Bank that are most fragile and would not be able to survive the case of continued closure of their business for a period of three months. Priority is given to women headed households (70%) and persons with disabilities (10%).

What we wish to make

Tensounash – Supporting Palestinian Small Businesses Survive COVID-19 campaign will sustain and improve the livelihoods of approximately 2,500 people. The initial US$70,000 contribution will support the resilience of 33 vulnerable informal businesses by helping them survive and ensure Palestinian workers provide for their families during, and most importantly, after Ramadan.

Your contribution can be transformative for over 2,500 people and the community at large because it recognises an essential truth – difficult circumstances are not destiny. People can learn to overcome and flourish, in doing so, these Palestinian families will move from reliance to transformative resilience, knowing their own merits and the possibilities for a better future. The needs are great and we aim to scale up the campaign. With US$210,000 we will be able to reach over 100 businesses.

We have been working in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Gaza for more than 40 years. Our approach was tested on the ground in a prolonged crisis, under pressure and in a harsh economic environment which signifies the Palestinian experience and situation.

The owners of these businesses are part of the bigger Palestinian family. Your contribution will support leaving no one behind.


Contribute towards essential utilities to operate the small business, such as water and electricity bills.


Contribute to a half month’s rent towards safeguarding the small business venue.


Contribute towards one month of supplies and raw materials needed for the small business, as well as operational costs including rent and utilities.


Contribute towards a full package to sustain one small business and generate income for three to five workers in need for a period of one month.