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Protect displaced families

For almost one million displaced people living in the camps in Mogadishu, social distancing is impossible. Help us provide locally produced masks, soap and sanitizer to those most at risk.  Together we can #ProtectDisplacedFamilies and stop the spread of COVID-19. 


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Protect displaced families living in camps in Mogadishu from COVID-19

Project Overview 

Globally and across Somalia, social distancing and working from home have proven to be the most effective ways of controlling the spread of COVID-19. Yet, for almost one million people living in crowded displacement camps in Mogadishu, these conventional methods of prevention and protection are a privilege that is out of reach.  

With up to eight people living in each shelter and most people relying on casual labour, social distancing and working from home is impossible. The displaced families in these densely populated camps are trying to protect their livelihood and avoid the spread of COVID-19 . We need your help to succeed.

In response, UNDP Somalia, in partnership with the Benadir Regional Administration and UNIDO, seeks to urgently raise funds to help protect those living in the camps from the spread of  COVID-19. Increased sanitation, including access to soap, sanitizer and masks is our best chance to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the camps and to protect the most vulnerable. 

Kits including masks, soaps and sanitizers will complement the excellent efforts being made to install touch-free hand washing stations in the camps. These measures are the most effective and practical ways to contain  potential devastating effects of the virus

That’s where you come in. With your help, we can engage local businesses to produce personal protection kits for those most at risk.


One kit costs $5 and will include: 

  • Two face masks
  • Soap
  • Sanitiser


These protection kits will be distributed by a mobile health check team trained to identify those with symptoms, aiming to contain potential hotspots and thus #StopTheSpread. These efforts will support the excellent work being done to increase access to touch-free hand-washing stations within the camps.

We can’t do this alone! We need your help to provide as many of these kits as possible.

100% of the proceeds of this campaign will go directly into the procurement of locally produced masks, soaps and sanitisers. Your donation can help save lives and protect local jobs whilst providing a much-needed injection into the local economy.

Our aim is to raise at least US$100,000 to provide a minimum of 20,000 kits as soon as possible to #ProtectDisplacedFamilies, reaffirming the commitment of UNDP, UNIDO and the Banaadir Regional Administration to protect the most vulnerable.

The great news is that your generous support can go even further – every dollar you donate will be matched by the UNDP and EU up to a total of $50,000!

Your contribution matters, no matter how small.

Support and share our campaign today.

Together we can #ProtectDisplacedFamilies.