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Bringing school back to children

Thousands of girls and boys living in the rural areas of Morocco cannot afford access to digital remote learning. Help us provide tablets and Internet connectivity to vulnerable students to allow them to complete their education during and after COVID-19.


$151,137 / 200,000

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Giving children in underprivileged rural areas of Morocco equal access to education through digital remote learning.

Project Overview

To ensure that students could continue their education under conditions of confinement imposed by the government as a preventive measure to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Ministry of Education launched a distance learning initiative through a dedicated website, supported by airing lessons through television channels.

However, an entire generation of children in remote rural areas is at risk of being left behind due to the lack of adequate digital access.

Limited digital literacy, access to digital devices and Internet connectivity present real impediments for children in those areas to avail themselves of the opportunity of online learning, the only alternative available under confinement. The campaign is a first step to address that need.

In the pilot phase, we aim to raise enough money to provide tablets preloaded with educational material and Internet connection to over 1600 students. We hope that donors will follow the lead of the Kingdom of Norway, a partner of UNDP, which agreed to reorient a generous part of its support to the Ministry of Education, to provide tablets to some 700 boys and girls across the country. Altogether, our aim is to be able to scale up to reach over 3,200 girls and boys.

Your generous donation of US$90 will help provide one student with a tablet and an Internet connection that they need to complete their education online.

Please donate now and help thousands of Moroccan girls and boys get the chance to learn, to advance and to realize their dreams.