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Empower women in Upper Egypt who are producing masks to fight COVID-19, in partnership with the Egypt Foundation for Integral Development.


$20,187 / 30,000

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A story of protection

Project Overview

In the midst of a global pandemic that causes higher threats to those living in remote and poor areas, the dedication and perseverance of Upper Egyptian women emerged as they stepped up to produce protective gear to the people of Qena, and their neighbors in Luxor and Aswan. 

El Nidaa Foundation quickly changed its activities from producing ready-made-garments to producing masks. 

Up until May 2020, they were able to produce around 3,000 masks a day. This does not come close to what the people of Upper Egypt need; Qena alone is home to 3.2 million people. 

To be able to make up for the lack of masks for Upper Egypt’s population, we need to help them amplify their production of personal protective equipment.

Donate here to help.

For every 5 LE you donate, they can provide 2 extra masks!

Donation Packages:

1. $10     Donate to provide masks for one family of five for a whole week
2. $50     Donate to provide 250 masks
3. $100   Donate to provide 500 masks
4. $500   Donate to provide 2500 masks